Guestbook Entries 2007-2008


Name: Christine Stelloh Garner  
Country: UNITED STATES    Date: 2 Jan 2007 01:07:53 GMT

Rainbow Point, elevation 9115. On the back of the photo, your mom wrote Jen (16) & Brian (11) Bernhards, Bryce Canyon '98. The next time I saw you was late spring of 2006 -- that same gorgeous smile greeted me despite your prognosis. What wonderful life you've given to all those who have known you. If ever I had a daughter, I would like for her to have been like you!

Love, Christy


Name: Jeannie King  
    Date: 29 Jan 2007 19:32:59 GMT


I love you, precious little girlfriend!  Kisses and many thousands of hugs to YOU!!!!!!!


Name: Tracy Ballard        
Country: NETHERLANDS    Date: 28 Feb 2007 18:49:12 GMT


Vic, Jan and Brian, Still sending thoughts and prayers your way. It is hard to find words I think are fitting, but know much love surrounds you.


Name: A Dabney Doll  
Country: US    Date: 5 May 2007 06:24:30 GMT

Comment: Jen,  It's springtime and the weather makes me think of you. I remember how much you loved to play outside. I miss you.xoxoxo

    Date: 17 May 2007 15:57:07 GMT

To my sweet, sweet Jenny Lou,

Today is your birthday. If I could only hug you just one more time, I would never let go.

I love you,



Name: Emanuel Ross  
Country: USA    Date: 20 Jun 2007 17:02:04 GMT


The Lord giveth and the lord taketh away May God gracefully shine his face upon you and grant you his peace. May the lord be with you. Much love to you Jen for being a good person to everyone. I will lift you and your family up in my prayers. You will not be forgotten.


Name: Lauren  
Country: CHICAGO, IL US    Date: 21 Nov 2007 01:26:58 GMT


Jen, I just discovered this website and laughed and cried looking at pictures and reading stories about you. You were loved by so many people - it's amazing that you had room in your heart for everyone. I miss you and think of you often. I wish you were still here with us. XOXO


Name: Bryan J. Boltik  
Country: BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA    Date: 25 Feb 2008 10:04:21 GMT


Jenny, I remember the day we first met while I was still in middle school and your smile would light even the worst times up. You were a great friend to everyone you met. I still keep your picture in my wallet and I always look at it from time to time to see the friend that I lost. Now that I am a music major at Louisiana State University, every performance I give is in rememberance of you and everything you gave me while I knew you.


Name: paige  
Country: USA    Date: 29 Mar 2008 03:33:01 GMT

Comment: I did not know her personally. She was beautiful and illuminated a sort of glow that held me in awe the first time I saw her. Spritely and sunny.



Name: Lauren  
    Date: 11 Jun 2008 04:10:06 GMT


I just moved and found a sweet card from your Mom so I thought I'd check back in at this memory website. Jen, you came up this weekend at Katie's was the first time many of us had seen each other since your funeral. My how we miss you. A few weeks ago an old guy friend was hanging out at my place and looking through old photos. He found a picture of our DG pledge class and pointed you out right away, saying "I always thought this girl was drop-dead gorgeous when I saw her walking around campus, but I never had the guts to talk to her". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Your reputation as a true beauty lives on...

Mrs. B's note:  Lauren--Thank you so much for posting.  There are many people who visit and revisit this site and they all enjoy reading stories about Jen as they occur.  We'll be putting up some new pictures shortly, so check back!


Name: Catherine  
Country: US    Date: 7 Jul 2008 05:12:37 GMT


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bernhards,

My name is Catherine and I once took a literature course with your daughter at UVA. At the time I remember thinking, simply, that she was beautiful. Thin and tan, with impossibly golden curls.

It was a little later that we realized we had a friend in common: Sarah King. They were sorority sisters who'd bonded at beach week the previous summer. Sarah has been one of my best friends since ninth grade.

As was often the case at UVA, Jen and I had several acquaintances in common.  Her first-year roommate was at my 16th birthday party.  Jen dated Sean Johnson from my graduating class.  Jen's father was my housemate's middle school band director.

But it was Sarah who was our strongest link.  And when Jen stopped coming to class that semester, it was through Sarah that I learned the reason why.

I never knew Jen personally beyond a few conversations we had.  And yet, she became a presence in my life through Sarah's stories, little glimpses into her life before and after her cancer diagnosis.  I felt that I came to know a person who was at turns hilarious and coyly mischievous, smart and popular, goofy and gorgeous.  I felt I came to know a person who fought for her life with defiance, optimism, anger, hope, strength and grace.

I wanted you both to know that my thoughts have been with Jen and your family for several years now, and that as long as Sarah is in my life, Jen will always be there too.

Yours truly,




Name: Leyla  
Country: LA, CA,  USA    Date: 12 Jul 2008 01:29:05 GMT


Thank you for the rainbows, Jenny...they were the highlight of our trip. XOXO


Name: Aja Lloyd  
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA    Date: 18 Aug 2008 04:01:01 GMT


I was friends with Jenn at Annandale and I remember her as a sweet person who would do anything for you. It shocked me today to find out that she passed away in 2006. She will truely be missed by many AHS alumni and staff.


Name: Janet C.  
Country: US    Date: 10 Sep 2008 09:07:32 GMT


As I was walking this a.m. and listening to the ipod ... a song by David Bailey really struck me. You probably know the song but the words touched my heart and I ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT was your Jenny.

"She's pretty as a princess, she's careful as a cat, she's stronger than Gibraltar, but she'll never tell you that. She's simple as a raindrop, but there's mystery in her smile. In a thousand different ways, she's got style. She can heal you when you're wounded, she can also break your heart, she's got a head for science, and she's got an eye for art. She'll never run a red light but she'll go the extra mile....She'll dazzle you in demin, she has no need for silk, she's the life of every party even though she's drinking milk. She's gentle as a snowflake but she'll beat you in a trial...she's got style."

janet c.


Name: Laquetta Green  
Country: SPRINGFIELD    Date: 14 Oct 2008 07:20:21 GMT


"Lord ,I can only Imagine when all I will do is forever, Worship You" I am sitting here in total shock because I have just found out about Jen's passing. I have been thinking about her all day and the great smile that she always had when i saw her. She always had a kind word to say and always flashed her million-dollar smile. I will come here often just to see that smile. I will keep your family in my prayers. Baby Girl you got your wings..Light up heaven with your sweet spirit..



Name: Marynelle  
Country: USA    Date: 14 Oct 2008 15:07:19 GMT


Dearest of Jens, this site has been such a balm these past two years; your printed words continue to express your goodness so clearly, and your smile continues to radiate from the page eternally. But it is your trumpet playing which calls to me the strongest from your place among the angels; I feel you so close by when I listen, it is both wrenching and sweet, and I thank your dear parents so much for sharing these things of your very essence with all of us who miss you so much. Jen,I love you. M


Name: A Dabney Doll  
    Date: 14 Oct 2008 20:06:15 GMT


I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about your family today. I have been missing Jen a lot lately. Looking through the pictures on this site brings back many memories. We miss you Jen...


Name: One of Jen's friends  
Country: US    Date: 15 Oct 2008 22:02:10 GMT


Thinking about you guys--

I hope your day was alright. What I like is that when I think of Jen I get sad at first, but then I always end up with a smile on my face bc something goofy we did comes to mind... and I think she'd like that. You know?


November 5, 2008, Election Day


To my Jenny Lou,

I so wish you could have shared this historical day with us. I know you would have been proud to vote Obama, and we would have made several pointed comments about Sarah Palin. I miss my confidante...

Love, Mom


Name: ****  
     Date: 15 Dec 2008 12:26:20 GMT


Just thinking of you- as always.