This page contains information about the scholarship criteria with links to students who have received scholarships from the Jennifer Lynn Bernhards Memorial Fund administered by Grace Presbyterian Church. Friends and family made and continue to make donations. Initially, the scholarship rotated between Grace Church in odd years and Annandale High School in even years. Starting in 2013, awards were made to Grace Church students only.

Award Criteria

Students may not apply for this scholarship.  It is awarded to them. The family wishes to recognize and reward the characteristics of dedication, compassion and joy that so animated Jennifer.  They also wish to support well-rounded students who are able to balance academics, commitments to long-term school activities such as band or chorus, participation in sports, and service to others or the community. To be considered, a student must:

  1. Be a high school senior and have an affiliation with Grace Presbyterian Church (through membership or participation in youth or service activities).
  2. Have been accepted at a recognized institution of post-secondary education or trade program.
  3. Have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or better or equivalent by the end of the first semester, senior year. (Successful candidates usually have completed some AP courses.)
  4. Have participated in school activities each year (for 4 years), such as band, chorus, orchestra, theater, or yearbook, as well as sports activities (for a minimum of 3 years, ideally).
  5. Have demonstrated a genuine concern for fellow students (compassionate, good listener, helping other students with problems or homework), good citizenship, fellowship, sportsmanship, and school spirit.
  6.  Have participated in church- or school-sponsored service activities.

In the event that two students seem equally qualified, preference would be given to a student who is not already receiving scholarship funds. It is also possible that two awards may be made.