Rusty Ford, Lake Braddock Secondary School, 2014

Rusty is a senior at Lake Braddock Secondary School. He meets and surpasses the minimum academic GPA criteria  of 3.3, having taken a large number of honors and AP classes, notably in physics and calculus. He is described as a leader and one who loves problem-solving. Since the eighth grade, he has participated in “Odyssey of the Mind,” -- an extracurricular, international education program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students. They bring their solutions to competitions at local, state and world levels. His athletic activities have included track and field, and soccer.  

Rusty is a cellist. Not only have you heard him play in church, but this year he had the honor of being  selected to perform as the senior soloist with Lake Braddock’s orchestra.  Rusty says he likes the team morale of being in an orchestra and that it helps reduce stress!

Rusty’s service activities are numerous. He’s been an active member in the life of Grace Church, participating in the Youth Group and the Tri-Cities work camps. He’s also a member of the Joyful Ringers.

We wish Rusty well as he moves on to Embry Riddle to pursue studies as an aeronautical engineer.