sweet dreams


Not letting go of my fairy’s hand

we leave my mother behind.

she leads the way and

i land on the grassy pixie sticks

next to tootsie roll tree trunks

with green cotton candy leaves

and caramel apples.

Flowers of starburst

fruit have just blossomed and I get thirsty so

I walk over to the pond of ice milk cream,

and look down at the

grassy pixie sticks that extend to

marshmallow clouds of sugar.

They begin to rain jelly beans and skittles

turning chocolate bar houses into 

Hershy’s Chocolate syrup mud that I

can cross over on

bridges of twizlers

to get to my favorite part,

the gum drop mountains.

I indulge myself

for all the hours of the night

because when it’s time to leave,

mom will only feed me

Slim Fast drinks and

low-fat cardboard

since I’m




©  Jennifer Bernhards, November 2002