Calvin Wilder, West Springfield High School, 2015

We are fortunate to have another recipient who exceeds the scholarship criteria.  Calvin is a senior at West Springfield High School. He has demonstrated compassion for others through numerous service activities in the community, in mission programs and here at Grace, where Calvin is an active participant in the life of the church.

Since 8th grade, he has gone to tri-cities work camp where he’s worked on home repairs for impoverished or disabled people. He’s joined at least 2 mission trips to Honduras and even recruited other teens from his school to go on that trip. Calvin has also participated in Grace’s 30-Hour Famine weekend trips and George's Kids events. He represented the youth of the church on the Vision, Strategy and Planning committee.

More recently you may have heard Calvin play piano or speak from the pulpit during the Youth Sunday service. (He started piano at age 7.) He is reported to be a natural leader, trying to others who may be shy or perceived as different.

Regarding academics, receiving acceptances to both UVA and the University of Chicago, Calvin surpassed the required GPA of 3.3. He was an officer in the Spanish Honor Society and a member of the National Honor Society.

Calvin has been part of the Oracle staff—West Springfield’s online newspaper—for four years. He was page one editor in his junior year and head editor in his senior year. You can google his name and find some interesting reading!

His school sports accomplishments include four seasons of wrestling. Calvin is also a certified referee for recreational and travel youth soccer matches.

Based on an article that Calvin wrote, it would appear that in his spare time, he is also learning Russian and working on killer ping pong serves.

Calvin is attending the University of Chicago, and we’ll be interested to hear where his talents lead him. A recent update indicates that he is also studying Arabic!

This year’s award is for $1500. Congratulations, Calvin!